Work Culture & Ethics Assessment Quiz

Rate yourself from 1 – 5:
5 = Meet all elements and no more room for improvement.
1 = Elements not yet met.

Work Culture and Ethics Day is about promoting ethical work practices in every workplace; showcasing the best practices and strategies for nurturing work culture and ethics policies; and rewarding organizations that are committed to maintaining positive work culture.

Prompted by the above reality of low productivity and deteriorating work ethics among other things, the Institute of Work Culture and Ethics hosts an annual Work Culture and Ethics day to promote ethical work culture in work places, publicize tools that may be used to assess the status of work culture and ethics for organizations and individuals, and recognize and reward organizations and individuals who exhibit ethical work practices.

Work Culture & Ethics Assessment Tool

Ethical work culture is a work environment where agreed standards and values are encouraged and are consistently exhibited by employees even when no one is watching.

Attributes of an ethical work environment were:

  1. Clear guidelines around behaviors that are expected e.g. values, codes of conduct, business principles, among others, and evidence of commitment to such guidelines.
  2. Having open, regular and effective communication channels and freedom of expression.
  3. Commitment to results delivery by management and staff, and presence of effective systems to ensure sustainable achievement of goals.
  4. A clean and safe environment.

Work Culture and Ethics day 2019 will be held on 26th June, 2019. As part of the activities leading up to WCE Day, we are searching for organizations and individuals that are exemplary in exhibiting ethical practices at the workplace.

The process starts with self-assessment against criteria that is based on the definition and attributes outlined above.

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to assess their status in order for them to be eligible to participate in the competition. To be eligible for the competitive stage, an individual/organization needs to have scored at least 30/50 in the self-assessment.