Work Culture & Ethics
for Top Leadership

Facilitate leaders to direct and inspire themselves and others to embrace WCE.

Duration: 1 day workshop and follow up after 1 year

Area of focus:

  1. Top leadership buy-in.
  2. Articulating, positioning and direction for WCE.
  3. Equipping top leaders to actively support WCE.


  1. Review of mandate, roles and responsibilities (WCE).
  2. WCE in relation to strategic intentions.
  3. Building a case for change (Individual and Organization).
  4. Articulating: What, Why and WCE goals.
  5. Assignment of resources for the WCE program.

Performance indicators

  1. Clarity of WCE related vision and policies
  2. Visibility of top leaderships support
  3. Availability of resources for WCE program.

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