What we do


We assess the current work ethic within your institution and help reconstruct the socio-cultural fabric of your workplace.


We study the context, root causes of undesirable tendencies, and readiness for change in your institution.


We design systems that establish appropriate institutional aspirations and equip your team with high-efficiency workflow skills.

We are currently the authority in attitude change and character development interventions for Work Culture and Ethics

Do you want to institutionalize work culture and ethics in your policies, programs and practices?

We are a Transformation Baraza

“Baraza” is a Swahili word meaning a public meeting, which is used as a platform for creating awareness and responding to issues affecting a given community.

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IWCE programs engage leaders to institutionalize work culture and ethics

Working with organisations, we challenge perceptions and mental models and propel corporate and personal performance towards excellence.

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We are in it for the long-haul

A partnership with IWCE is a truly transforming experience. We provide facilities and facilitate corporate retreats, seminars, holiday programs, boot camps, and other events

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Our Inspirations

Uganda’s past legacy of excellence and hospitality

A large number of creative (record-holding) youths

The outcry from employers regarding low productivity of the working population

The national crisis with deteriorating work ethics


Optimal value for money to stakeholders.


We nurture leaders and facilitate leadership in work culture and ethics.


Leaders’ hearts and minds steer society

we are driven by our commitment to:
Apt attitudes
Delivering results


We live in fast-changing times in which the ability to adapt gives you the edge!


Ethics and Integrity define our intentions, approach, and method of operations.


We are resilient in the face of challenges and use attitude as a tool to attain goals.


We take on challenges to give you the satisfaction that you have got what you deserved.

Our Partners

Thanks to our great partners, IWCE has the support and backing that it needs to keep changing Work Culture one mind at a time. These are some of the partners that are behind our success.


We have evidence-based programs
that have been tried and tested in Uganda and beyond.


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