The program sensitizes staff about the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of WCE Program; engineers buy-in at team and individual levels; and builds excitement around the implementation of WCE activities.

Core Target Group:

• All staff within their working units or departments.

• Managers open the sessions.

Areas of Focus:

• Building a sense of urgency.

• Customizing implications to team and individuals.

• Attitude change, reframing mental models.

• Clarifying way forward with WCE Program.



• Overview of customized case for change, key WCE policies, program, M&E and reward system.

• Interpreting WCE at team level; W.I.I.F.M?

• Team goals and plan of action.

• Emotional intelligence

• Team building activities across the 2 days.

Performance Indicators:

• Staff perceptions and attitudes towards WCE

• Level of implementation of team WCE plan of action.


2-Day Workshop and thereafter 30-min. progress review every week

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