WCED 2020 Symposium


The Institute of Work Culture and Ethics (IWCE) invites you to the Work Culture and Ethics Symposium (WCES) 2020 scheduled to take place on Thursday 16th January 2020 at Hotel Africana. This will be a breakfast event, starting at 7.00 am and ending at 9.30 am.

The Work Culture and Ethics Symposium will bring together CEOs and Senior Managers from the Public, Private and Development Sectors, policy makers, human resource practitioners and citizenry who are concerned about the trend of work place ethics in Uganda and would like to contribute to sustainable action to reverse the deteriorating trend and build a work force that can deliver Vision 2040 for Uganda. The Work Culture and Ethics Symposium will be an annual event, taking place on the second working week of each calendar year and will provide clarity, direction and impetus to the annual Work Culture and Ethics Day events which take place on the last Thursday in July.

The Institute of Work Culture and Ethics, is the founder of Work Culture and Ethics Day and serves as the Secretariat to the Work Culture and Ethics Day Organising Committee made up of representatives of over 20 Public and Private Partnership organisations. Work Culture and Ethics Day (WCED) was started to call the public’s attention to, and raise awareness about, the need for action in addressing WCE challenges in Uganda. Since the campaign in 2017 it has gathered significant momentum, attention and support.

Theme: Ethical Work Culture Business and Social Case.


  1. Sensitize policy makers about matters regarding work culture and ethics in Uganda.
  2. Challenging CEOs and HRMs to prioritize WCE in their organizations as they start the year.
  3. Facilitate the tracking of WCE status in Uganda (data collection from policy makers).

Main convener

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development in partnership with IWCE and Human Resource Managers’ Association of Uganda (HRMAU)

Guest of Honour for 2020

We have invited the Chief Justice to grace the occasion as Guest of Honour.

Be part of this exciting initiative to improve workplace ethics in Uganda.

To register, contact Telephone: 0752262335, 0751975301, 0776044777; 0772316740; 0771481190;

Email: info@iworkculture.com.